Monday, September 15, 2008

Good thoughts wanted

I wonder if you could beam some good thoughts for me towards Europe? If you can spare some, that is!

My dear local infertili-buddy Stephanie has just traveled to the Czech Republic to start her DE cycle. I am sending so many positive vibes every day in the hopes that this will finally work! I hope she'll email me updates and let me post them, because I am excited and want everyone to be up-to-date. And who knows, I may even get to babysit one or two times, if I prove myself trustworthy.

My brother has just been made redundant/laid off. It wasn't exactly a bolt from the blue, as we knew his company was in financial trouble, but my bro' is not one to plan ahead. Instead, he lives pretty much from paycheck-to-paycheck and I know he hasn't got anything saved up for a rainy day. He's also lost his car as it was a company car, so he's now stuck without transport and is planning on using his small reduncancy/severance payout to buy a new (well, used - new to him) car. So here's hoping he finds a good job quickly so he doesn't end up defaulting on his mortgage or anything and regretting spending that cash (though I'm no longer up on how the unemployment stuff works in the UK these days, so I don't know if he'll qualify for housing help or anything).


Did anyone see the SNL clip of Tina Fey doing Pa.lin? She nailed it. Right on, sista!


Care said...

Can do! Sending lots of positive thoughts for Stephanie, and many wishes for your brother to find a new job quickly.

calliope said...

was JUST wondering how Stephanie was doing. PLEASE get updates & post them!!!! Beaming lots of mojo her way.

& major bummer for your brother. ugh. Hope he is able to find a new gig soon.

And the SNL skit- BRILLIANT! It was sadly the only skit I found funny in the show.

Sam said...

Tina Fey was fabulous.

gabby said...

Oh please do post Stephanie updates. I've been thinking about her a lot lately. And yeah, so funny with Tina Fey.

Tricia said...

Can't wait to hear how Stephanie goes.......

Hope all goes ok with your brother and he's able to move on to something bigger and better.