Friday, September 26, 2008

Moving right along

Anonymous, I pity your kid(s), I really do. I hope you deal with them with more empathy than you show here. I know this is the innernets and all, and you are allowed to say any old whack thing you like, so whatevs. But I hope you have more decency to the people in your real life.

Anyhoo. Here we are. I am not doing an insem this month, nor have I done anything with my eggs for three months. Except jump start a cycle after 2 months, but that wasn't necessarily an egg/insem issue. Sure, it had something to do with wanting my cycle regular again, but I hope that you realize that I have not exactly been jumping up and down with fear over "losing" a month of precious time. That's because I am not, in fact, obssessed.

Sorry, where was I? I did start this by saying "moving right along" and then proceeded not to.

I'm going to an anim.e convention tomorrow! Whoo! Not to actually attend or pretend any real interest in anim-e or even to hang out with the kids, but to volunteer at a voter registration drive at said convention. I figure now I am all hip with interracting with my fellow community college kids, I can easily stand there and badger a few hundred of them to find out if they've registered to vote. Of course, half of the attendees may be high schoolers, but hey. The big question of the day is what to wear, though, so I don't stand out like a complete idiot. I'm thinking lots of black, seeing as I don't have any graphic t-shirts with my favorite character printed on it. I hope I don't just look like someone's chubby middle-aged mom so that they all steer clear. Chubby 30's older cousin is fine...


T said...

Good luck - looks like Florida is only 1% difference in the polls now - wowee!

Selmada said...

****mumbles something about going to our local anime convention as a participant****

Not sure what yours will be like, but there is a complete mix of those in cosplay (costumes) and those in 'regular' clothes. Jeans and a "cool" t-shirt will work.

The really young ones will have parents there with them, so you can encourage the parents to vote too. The ones on the borderline of eligibility can still do with the education of the importance of paying attention.

Oddly enough, my last blog was about the upcoming (Canadian) election and that everyone who is eligible to vote should. Cheers to you for doing a great thing.

Sara said...

Hot chubby 30's older cousin is more like it. Rock on Sarah!

Almamay said...

Sounds like fun!

I shop at H&M when I need my 'mutton dressed as lamb' look. Actually, I get great inexpensive trendy stuff to go with my nice timeless stuff. Do you have H&M in FLA?

calliope said...

dude- shut up- you are BEAUTIFUL. You will totally get lots of anime loving attention ;-)

And it is wonderful that you are going out to help people register. rock on!