Monday, September 22, 2008

She's crazy!

Word from Stephanie:

Here's the scoop:
6 of twelve arrested at some point.
3 of the remaining 6 were grade 3 blasts that the clinic doesn't freeze.

2 of the remaining 3 are grade one blasts.
The last one is a grade one expanded blast.
We transferred all 3!! Yikes!

But, I couldn't very well come all the way back here for one remaining blast. So, we tossed 'em all in. Easy peasy transfer. Progesterone a bit low so, we're adding injections (after some doing, that is!).

Hopefully, we've got babies on board! :-)

Oh my! 3 DE blasts!

1 comment:

calliope said...

wow! 3!
how long does she stay there?