Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall weather report

On the radio this morning, said with a wry chuckle:

The high temperature will "only" get to the mid- to high- eighties today. It is fall now, after all.

Yes, indeed. It is fall now, after all, and our temperatures have finally dropped out of the nineties every day.  We're all quite deliriously excited that we can detect the first, very faint cooling in the weather in the form of marginally less disgusting heat and humidity. 

Oh to live in the mountains somewhere...


bleu said...

Same for us, today is only supposed to get to 89, wahoo, NOT.

Almamay said...

Sarah, You love toying with me don't you? We haven't had one day that reached the high 80's this summer! What a crap summer. I'd send the cold, rain and wind we've had in London to FLA if I could.