Monday, September 08, 2008

Monday ass

The media sucks ass too, you know. Gripe of the day follows: I pretty much don't follow sports. I'll watch the (soccer) World Cup if England are playing. I might catch a bit of Wimbledon or the US Open. The Tour de France might catch my eye. And that's about it, honestly. I didn't watch any of the Olympics. That's not to say I won't go to a sporting event and enjoy it, but watching it on TV leaves me cold. But there is one thing that I find pretty damn amazing and inspiring, and that's the Paralympics. Man, the obstacles some of those people have overcome just puts the rest of us to shame, quite frankly. So I was quite looking forward to a bit of Paralympic coverage, and can I find any? I cannot (I don't have cable, so maybe it's on ESPN or something but that doesn't help me). I can't even find any on or anything like that, so I am reduced to catching the occasional snippet of information from the BBC website, which won't play any videos for me because of whatever deal the Olympics/Paralympics have sown up for coverage in different regions of the world. And the US is leading the medals tables, so you'd think would have a teeny snippet or something. Nope, nothing. Gah.

OK, so the books - yes, they were both annoying, in different ways. The "Starbucks" book had a lot of namedropping, of pretty much every famous person who ever went to one of the author's dad's parties. It was kind of dull in that regard. Also, the author is utterly amazed that people respect one another in some walks of life. Where has he been his entire life? It made me feel sad for him that he'd gone through so much of life just following what he was supposed to do, and being a general ass about things. The "Bitter" book was annoying in that she's such an obnoxious bitch for 3/4's of the book. I only kept going at that point because I was waiting for her to get her comeuppance. But it was at least quite funny. However, I'm glad both of them in the end became better people, so it was worth it for that.

Ahem...I read another book on Sunday called Neither Here Nor There. By Bill Bryson. Who makes me laugh out loud. So that was the best book of the weekend. I did do most of my homework, promise!

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Sarah P. said...

I really enjoyed that Bryson book, because it let me relive my traveling days, but I believe my favorite of his is A Walk in the Woods. It's about his trip hiking the Appalachian Trail, and it is hilarious.

I've also read In a Sunburned Country and Notes from a Small Island. I really like his writing style and his sense of humour.