Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Times like these

Next time I whinge about my new schedule, I will have to remember times like these.  I only actually worked a half day yesterday because I ran out of work. Yup. Rarely, if ever, happens to me, but I guess my boss has been a bit freaked about me working part-time as he gave too much work away to other people. So that means I'm 4 hours down on my pay, and will probably have to make it up on Saturday. Hopefully some new work will come in by then, or I will have wrestled some back off someone else. At least it let me rest and recuperate a bit from my first week.

Today, during my extra long lunch break (1 and 3/4 hours), I zoomed along to the local Obama campaign office to try to score some free tix to an event they have going tonight. Sadly, they'd run out by the time I got there, but at least I (a) have enough time in my schedule to be able to actually contemplate going to an event with the potential veep, and (b) have enough time to go and try to score tickets. Maybe next time the stars will align and I'll actually get in.  But, it was still something I wouldn't have been able to even try to do previously.

Then, my last class of the day was cancelled, so I was able to go to the supermarket on the way home. (Oh.my.freakin'.god. I've never seen a supermarket so empty and calm!) I was in old lady heaven, and was actually able to dawdle along with them, rather than curse that they had the audacity to be out and about at a time when busy people need to get things done. And then I was able to come home, put the groceries away, wipe the kitchen counter, do a quick Swiff* of the floors, check the hurricane forecast and still be sitting down before 5pm.


*one of these days I will have to post about my Swiffer love. I seriously think that they may have to pry them out of my cold dead hands one of these days.  As for going green, and not using disposable stuff...ummmm, yeah, please don't ever take my Swiffer away.  Please, God, not the Swiffer.


calliope said...

wow- what a great day! I LOVE grocery shopping when the geezers are out. The only bummer is that I seem to spend much time reaching products on the top shelf...

& will you come swiffer my house?

Stephanie said...

I think that the Frugalista should keep a running list of non-green items that she still just can't live without.

For me, my list would definitely include intuition razors. I'd give up my swiffers for them.