Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kind of giddy

So, today is cycle day 1. Which means that last cycle was a normal length with a normal LP, normal EWCM at roughly the right time, and normal everything. And today was all nice and...normal. No spotting beforehand, nice red flow, and all that. Now, of course, it'll probably degenerate into clots and brown gunk shortly, but hey, at least it started off well.

Which all has me thinking that maybe if things have regulated (finally!) since being off the meds, that maybe, just maybe, I should resurrect the home insem plan. And some whining from a certain blogger (you know who you are!) that I just need to get on with it has helped too.

I'm thinking therefore that I might even buy some OPKs this cycle, just to see when things are really happening. And possibly sign up with that bank that ships to your house, in case I want to play around with a can of goodies next month.


Melissa said...

I say GO FOR IT! Honestly, at this point, what do you have to lose (besides more money, more of your sanity...)

calliope said...

The Jedi mind trick works!

& seriously- WOO HOO for an effing regular cycle. wow. So happy about that.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you could do monthly IUI cycles with your eggs (haven't you gone through hundreds of eggs already?), 'cause it's definitely not more than money and time to waste and if you have them both in excess, go for it.

Or you could actually put your money and time towards something with actual odds that are better than zero and go for a donor egg cycle.

Recipe: If you want to keep getting what you've always gotten, keep doing what you've always done.