Monday, June 18, 2007

Will somebody please call me back? Pretty please?

Still waiting to speak to someone from Big Clinic.

Dr. S's secretary DID call me back on Friday, to tell me to call the scheduler and the IVF nurse, so it's not that nobody has called me back, but I'd like to do more than trade voicemails. I called the scheduler Friday, and the IVF nurse this morning. And nothing. I feel like I'm this teeny little person jumping up and down waving a flag and saying "Notice me! Notice me! I'm over here! OVER HERE!!!"

OK, so I'm not very patient. But I want to KNOW that I am on the schedule. I want to know that I can get that damn ultrasound done when I need it done. I want to know that the replacement meds are ordered. I want to know these things. I don't want to be left wondering if they're all getting together saying "hmmm, we have these voicemails from Solitaire and it's too late to get her on the schedule. Who's going to tell her she'll have to wait until September?"

ETA: 5.49pm. 5.49! Good thing I wasn't anxiously awaiting anything. Well, OK, I was, but you know what I mean - there were no important blood test results to be delivered. The IVF nurse called me back. The prescription for the ultrasounds and the meds will be winging their way to me tomorrow. The nurse said she'd spoken to Dr. S. who'd said that I needed to get that u/s done sooner rather than later to see if that big cyst was still there and needed aspirating or not. Uh, yeah. That's what I've been saying for two months. But whatever, things are finally moving at last.


Jade said...

I hate waiting for those return phone calls - I can't think of anything much worse.

The benefit of a big clinic is you get the expertise and the reputation, the downside is that they are dealing in high volume and you will not get the personalized attention.

hang in there!

June Bug Momma said...

I hear ya on being impatient, esp. when you are really focused on your dream! Things have been delayed far too long for you. I am happy to hear things are finally progressing along! I hope it stays thay way! Good Luck Sarah! I am rooting for ya! :o)

serenity said...

Yay for moving forward! I'm happy to hear it - even if they DID make you wait by the phone forever, it seems...