Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hurry up and wait

It's now 6 months since my last IVF egg retrieval. Six months. I think yesterday was 6 months to the day of my egg retrieval. Or transfer. Or something. Some big date that has now faded into memory. Did I get all thin and fit and toned in those six months? Ah, no. I lost 12 lbs, gained back 9, lost 3, gained back some. You know how it goes. I'm currently 5 lbs lighter than my heaviest. I am exercising most days, although it's often only walking. I am eating a healthy diet. In all, I'm not doing too bad. Apart from the being chunky part. And drinking too much wine, if I'm being honest, as I've got back on a wine kick since Memorial Day weekend.

But God, it's been a long wait. I never expected it to be anywhere near this long - I was ready to go in February, and could have cycled in February/March if it hadn't been for the coculture biopsy. I hope coculture is worth it after all this! Then I had to sit a month out due to the lab closure, then of course there was the cyst/hepatitis C debacle, and here I am. Ostensibly I'm sitting out another month waiting for the repeat negative hep C test, but I know as well as the RE knows that it's due to lab closure again. I mean, I know Big Clinic has one of the best labs anywhere, so I guess this whole cleaning/recalibrating/whatever they do thing works for them, but it is extremely frustrating sometimes.

AND it doesn't look like I've ovulated yet, so all my excitement on Sunday is coming to nothing again. EWCM on CD13 does not necessarily equal a nice CD14 or CD15 ovulation, sadly. So there's that. Not that it really matters in the grand scheme of things. Just so long as I DO ovulate, that's all that matters. And each additional day's delay means one less day of panicking over getting on the IVF schedule, as it becomes more likely that I'll have the repeat bloodwork results early next cycle. But still. A girl likes some things to go her way some of the time.

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