Monday, June 25, 2007

The list

Thanks for the comments, lovely commenters. You're making my allergies act up again, though, I warn you. My eyes are really quite watery these days.

But anyway, today there's a list brewing in my head somewhere. A list of things I must do before the IVF. Which, now that it looks like I am actually going to cycle have crept up from "oh yeah, I should have done that already" to "oh shit, I'm running out of time". Some of these are just mundane things that I really should do before I leave my house for 2-3 weeks and leave someone else in charge of the cat and putting up hurricane shutters. Some of them are things I should do before I get pregnant.


Sorry, yes, I am still lame enough that I think "hey, maybe it'll work. Maybe I'll get knocked up." Lame, lame, lame. Been down this road before. But then again, I wouldn't do another cycle if I didn't have some hope of success. So sometimes I lean in to the lameness like it is an old friend offering support. And I give in to the siren call of planning for a real live baby to take home. And indulge my dreams just for a little bit. Just in case the gods smile on me this time. You just. never. know.

So, the current list goes a little something like:

Eat healthily.
Figure out just what "eat healthily" really means once and for all.
Stop boozing.
Stop drinking caffeine.
Start the darn prenatal vitamins again.
Exercise. Every day, or thereabouts.
Buy 6 million cans of cat food, extra kitty litter and several bags of dry food.
Buy all hurricane supplies (water, batteries, food, etc) that I should have bought at the start of June.
Whiten teeth.
Get eyes checked and new lenses in glasses.
Dye hair.
Call plumber and finally get the kitchen sink fixed.
Call electrician and finally get the dryer fixed.
Find cellphone charger as can't rely on car charger when I won't have a car.
Find hurricane shutter instructions so can put them in an obvious place just in case.
Find friend dumb enough to take on cat care and shutter duties for nearly 3 weeks.
Figure out who's going to cut the grass and clean the pool while I'm away.

I think that's enough to be going on with. But I'm sure I'll add more things to it later.

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mimi said...

Hooray for the positive attitude! And one more thing to put on your list -- make sure your dental xrays are up to date. They can't do those when you are pg. (That's right, WHEN you are pg!)