Tuesday, June 19, 2007


After what seems like an eternity, things are finally slotting into place. The scheduler called me, and I am on the schedule. My place in line is booked. At my last clinic, I never had to worry about a "schedule" because they didn't have one. They weren't working to capacity, so didn't have to worry about slotting people in. You just cycled when you cycled. But Big Clinic is, well, big. And they strive to "only" have 10 egg retrievals a day. AND they have their funky lab closure schedule. So there's a whole jockeying for position thing that you have to book your place in line early enough so that you don't get bumped to the following month.

But, phew. I am in, providing no cyst or bloodwork mishaps.

I also have the prescription for the ultrasound in my grubby little mitts. OK, I lie, it's in my grubby little email account, but same difference. I have some forewarning that the crimson tide will arrive tomorrow (a.k.a. spotting) so I should get the ultrasound on Thursday, and then I will know what's going on. At least for now, that is, as we all know that things can change quickly.

In other news, I splurged yesterday on a home cholesterol monitor. My next cholesterol blood draw will be just after the IVF, and as I think the IVF meds affect cholesterol levels, and partly caused the spike in the first place, I'd really like to know what it is before I start taking anything. And I wanted to know what it is now, to see if what I'm doing is working. Although I could call the doc for that information but hey, that involves a phone call and it's all so much effort. I'm VERY pleased to say that, after 6 weeks of dietary modifications and exercise I've got my cholesterol down from 260 to 202. Whoop! Of course, that 202 isn't official, as that wasn't drawn at the doctor's office, but I'll take it. It's nearly good. Hopefully it will be good before I slap that first estrogen patch on my butt.


Kim said...

Oh S, I'm so glad to hear that things are moving along again! I've been lurking, but I've been reading. And congrats on getting that cholesterol down!!!

mimi said...

Great news all around. Glad to see things are moving along!

Calliope said...

yay for forward movement!!