Friday, June 15, 2007



I'm still mad at the Government. But what can I do? Nothing, I know. I should quit whining. At least they are not deporting me.

I went this morning for my repeat bloodwork for the hep C and cholesterol. I'd managed to gain a pound, despite being supposed to be on a low fat diet. Um, OK. Well, actually I kind of forgot I was supposed to be on a low fat diet, and had been concentrating on having a low saturated fat diet. So I guess I need to be better about that so that I am not up again when I go back. Otherwise they will start telling me off.

I asked the doc if he'd fax a "clearance" letter to Dr. S. at Big Clinic. Sure thing, he said. Nooo problem. And then when I handed over the address details he asked if I'd like a recommendation to a local fertility doctor so I didn't have to keep flying up to NY for treatments. Yeah, well, I had to explain to him that that horse had already bolted. Elvis has left the building, and all that. Been there, done that, been fired already.

So I called Dr. S's secretary and left a message about getting back on the schedule, and whether I needed to talk to Dr. S. for his approval first. She left me a message telling me to call the IVF scheduler and the nurse, so I guess that means I don't have to speak to him but I'm not entirely sure. I have duly left a message for the scheduler so hopefully she will get me on the calendar. And I will call the nurse early next week. The crimson tide should appear on Wednesday (ish) so I should have plenty of time to get a prescription for an ultrasound if I call on Monday or Tuesday.

I guess therefore I am getting back into the swing of things. I'm not really excited about it or anything, though. It just is what it is. In fact, the fear of a bad response is already started to creep in, and I haven't even got approval to cycle yet. Sigh. Why can't this be easier?


calliope said...

ok- let's just take a pause & yell, WOOO HOOOOOO!!! you got your effing OFFICIAL clearance ok. Thank effing gawd you can cross that off your list.

& shut up already about the doubts. It's WAY too early for that. So cut it out.

this is YOUR time, chica. I am so hopeful & excited for you.


Stephanie said...

Oh, honey, I hear you. Why CAN'T this be easier?

Just get drunk, open the legs, and 9 months later, open the legs again and squeeze out a baby.

Of course, getting pregnant this way, we get a whole lot more crotch action than we would the old fashioned way. (not that being impaled on a stick is really any fun)

And, lots more chances to show off your new knickers. ;-)