Thursday, June 28, 2007

Another random post

There's nothing like writing out a list of things you need to do to make you realize that you need to get on with it already. So I called the eye doctor and made an appointment, which I had this morning. And yup, my prescription got worse, as I suspected. So I need new glasses. I ended up getting new frames because they were going to have to send my glasses away for two effing weeks just to put new lenses in the frames I have. Another $300 down the drain - thank goodness I have vision insurance, otherwise it would have been $600. AND I picked the "cheap" frame deliberately trying to keep the cost down. But now I can't see because they dilated my pupils so much. Hate that. They never dilated my pupils this much in the UK - you still got the drops and were still dilated, but it didn't incapacitate you for hours afterwards. I guess the US has to do everything bigger and better. Including pupils.

I do find it funny though that they warned me against going home and cutting anything up or otherwise using knives or sharp instruments, but let me drive myself away in my own car. OK, yeah, worry about me slicing a finger, but allow me to be in charge of a very large blunt instrument that could kill a few people if I take a wrong turn with the steering wheel. Sheesh.


calliope said...

new frame photo stat!

& rock on with your tackling the list. I think I picked up on your mojo as I was all proactive this morning as well. such a lovely influence you are!


Anonymous said...

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