Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday omelet

There's a post in here somewhere about how things keep breaking at home and how it must be a metaphor for my life or something. But that would be depressing. However, I just feel the need to mention that the following things need to be urgently fixed chez Sarah: the air conditioning, the clothes dryer, the dishwasher and the swimming pool pump. I do, at least, still have air conditioning. In half of the house, with some feeble cooling in the other half of the house. So that's something, but I was already told it'll be over $600 to fix it. Haven't even called about the others, and I only realized this morning that the pool pump is totally burned out which is probably a $1000+ repair. And I thought that not doing IVF would be easier on the budget. Sigh.

But, anyway, I wanted to post with good news. Good to me, that is. I have eggwhite! On CD13! Woo-hoo! If you have to ask "eggwhite what?" this is not the discussion for you. EWCM, silly. This is good news because since my last IVF I have had consistently late ovulation. I was beginning to get worried that I'd given myself PCOS or something from eating too much ice cream. Or if the four IVF cycles had permanently altered my cycles. But I was also getting these weird burning poky ovary pains at random times, seemingly unrelated to ovulation. I kind of ignored them because that's what I do with random pains. Ignorance is bliss, right? And then there was the cycle cancellation due to the 5cm ovarian cyst. Of course, I didn't equate burny poky pains with a cyst, because why would I? As far as I was concerned I didn't have any pain from the cyst, because I thought that that would involve constant pain.

This cycle, though, since overhauling my diet and mostly giving up dairy, I have definitely noticed the absence of poky burning ovary pains. And I suddenly went "Oh! I wonder if it means the cyst has gone down?" Of course, I don't know because of the lack of an ultrasound, but I have been hoping. And then today I had EWCM. At a more normal time of my cycle. In other words, not a week late. So that's made me hope even more that the cyst has gone, and maybe it was the cyst that was delaying my ovulation and not PCOS or something. So I hope things are good now for the IVF that I hope to get on the schedule for. But as we all know, things can easily change in the blink of an ultraound wand so I'm not going to hold my breath.

Enough about me - I also want to spare a thought for everyone facing bad news in this crappy IF world that we live in. To my dear Stephanie, my heart breaks for you, and Cindy I am thinking of you and hoping you are surviving. I hope you can both pick yourselves up and keep moving forward somehow.


JPSULLY said...


I found your blog through another...

I have PCOS and trust me you CANT give it to yourself. Its more than cystic ovaries, its an endoctrinal disease as well. It starts after your 1st AF and continues well into reproductive years.

So keep eating ice cream, and good luck w/your IVF!

June Bug Momma said...

Sarah- Congrats on your EWCM! Hopefully this is a sign for a successful upcoming IVF!

Good Luck & Best Wishes!!

calliope said...

oooh-- interesting'm with omelet today as well.

good night with all of the home repairs needed! yikes!

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