Friday, June 29, 2007

Please spare a thought

or a prayer for little Emily Claire, who was born and went to heaven yesterday. Emily's membranes never healed closed after a routine amnio at 15w4d, and her brave mommy battled her way through months of hospital bedrest with constant fluid leakage to get to very nearly 36w. Emily always had some fluid around her, albeit only a little, so there was always some hope, but sadly it was not to be.

Kim, my heart is breaking for you. I don't know why life has to suck so much sometimes.


Rachel said...

That is so sad. A scary nightmare come true. I am so sorry.

Care said...

It isn't fair, is it? That's what I just keep thinking. My heart just aches for her.

June Bug Momma said...

:o( My heart breaks for Kim, Logan & her family. I'm devestated and in disbelief. I will light a candle for Kim & Emily Claire.