Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Of course...

...every time I confidently predict that something will happen, it never does. Case in point, the arrival of my period. I've had four straight months of a 13-day luteal phase, and I had all the signs of its impending arrival yesterday, so I figured, hey, it's month number 5 of the new length post-IVF luteal phase. It'll definitely be here today. Nope. Nothing happening.

Not that it matters, except that this time I decided to travel to NY on July 22nd, as that's a Sunday, so I don't have to be stressing about whether it'll be cycle day 4 or 5, about maybe working on Monday and flying on Monday night, and all that extra stress. In my inital calculations, I figured July 22nd would be CD4 so that's cool. Now it's more likely to be CD3. Not a biggie at all, but the earlier I get there, the longer I have to stay in the hotel, and the more expensive it'll be.

Anyhoo, I ordered the replacement meds today, which will be arriving tomorrow. So I should be all set. If only things would actually happen. And if only the cyst has gone. And all that wishful thinking.

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mimi said...

Any sign of the crimson tide yet? It's still early in the day. Mine once showed up at 11PM, and the doctor said that anything red before midnight counts as day 1.

On the flip side, if it does show up one or two days late, why not change your flight? It's generally cheaper to fly on Monday or Tuesday than on Sunday, so you may not be penalized -- maybe check into it? Some airlines may even give you a credit. Jet Blue used to, but that was in the days before customer satisfaction went down the toilet.