Friday, June 22, 2007

16 DPO and STILL nothing

I feel like I've done everything I can. Exercise, jumping up and down. And yes, today I am wearing my new knickers AND white pants.

I just want to get this show on the road so I can start cycling. I mean, not that I'm starting any meds until the end of this next cycle, but I want that ultrasound to see if the monster cyst has gone down. And of course, if there had been any actual sperm anywhere near me this cycle, I might be excited, not annoyed. But there wasn't, so unless this is the next immaculate conception, my body is just playing tricks on me.

And can I just say that when all these authorities confidently predict that luteal phase length is always the same - bullshit.

Here's the proof:

This lovely chart doesn't include this cycle. Now, granted, plenty of my cycles over the last few years have been medicated. I've played with clomid, progesterone, clomid + progesterone, injectables, IVF + progesterone injections. But then why does my luteal phase still vary, even on unmedicated cycles? And I don't think I am wildly off with my ovulation date - I'm still checking my temperature, use a predictor kit a lot of cycles, and have that lovely omelet stuff. I don't think I'm misreading all those things.

Oh well. Que sera sera.


calliope said...

at least you haven;t been secretly peeing on HPT's thinking you could be the Mother of the 2nc coming...

not that I know anyone that did that or anything....

mimi said...

I hear ya on the LP variation! Mine is certainly not set in stone either. Stress is probably playing a role. You've certainly had a lot going on lately with b/w scares and frustration with various doctors/clinics. What's been going on with acupuncture/therapy?

Great idea with the white pants!

Once when the AF wait was killing me, I stuck a tampon in and pulled it right out to see if anything was in there. I did see a little something, and the floodgates opened within a few hours.