Monday, March 03, 2008

Unwanted assvice

What does one do, internets, on receiving unwanted assvice? Usually I politely reply, thank them for their concern and point out that, why yes, I have heard of doing acupuncture with IVF, thankyouverymuch. And usually that stops that particular piece of assvice. 99.9% of assvice is usually driven by someone trying to help, after all.

But then, if they continue? And keep unintentionally rubbing your failures squarely in your face with every sentence? [At least, I hope they are doing it unintentionally.] Then what? Ignore them and hope they go away? Or post the entire conversation on your blog to prove to them and the world what an ass they are being? Trust me, I have thought about the latter option a lot over the last few days as a certain person has been sending me messages that are just plain annoying. But I have restrained myself (barely).

Anyway, I'd like to make an announcement - I KNOW about LV Clinic. I know about their reputation, their marketing tactics, all of that. I know. But I have already paid the cycle fee and I am going forward. I am well aware that I am taking a gamble, but it is my gamble to take. Trying to talk me out of it now is a tad late. I know that NY Clinic is stellar, but you know what, they didn't get me pregnant, and I have no real desire to just do the same old same old again. If it didn't work last time, why think it will work this time? So please don't try to change my mind. Don't send me horror stories or tell me what a mistake I'm making. Don't tell me of your NY successes and expect me to think that that'll happen to me. Please. Just. Don't.

So, moving right along. I am now working from the lovely cycle calendar that LV Clinic sent me. Eek! So soon! I have to say, I do like the little multi-colored calendar with each medication set out in its own little box, with its own color. And with a square next to each box for me to check off when I have taken the meds. I checked off my first little square last night. The two other clinic's calendars were not nearly so much fun or pretty. Can you believe I start lupron this week? It all seems a bit surreal to me, but I've always had one or two cycles break between cycles and that hasn't got me anywhere, so why not try going straight into one for a change?

Oh, and I got a baby shower invitation this morning for the gal I told you about in the last post. Nice.


bleu said...

Oh Sarah, I am so sorry about the assvice. I totally get why you are going to the clinic you are. It makes sense, doing a different protocol and all.
Feel free to email me the assvice stuff to vent, I am always up for a rehashing of just how annoying something is. :)

Lupron already wow. I am thinking I will have to wait about 4 weeks more before I get to start it.

Love to ya hun.

katedaphne said...

Sarah, I'm sorry the assvice-pusher is so hard-headed. Those types are difficult to stop without being brutal, which of course we are too well brought up to be. My usual response is some variation of, "Of course my doctor and I have discussed all of this in depth," or "After all my experience with this problem, you can be sure I'm well aware of that. I have made my decision."

and if you silently added "BITCH!" no jury of your peers would convict you!!!

Aimee said...

Sarah- So sorry you were bombarded with ASSvice and ASSuming that the NY clinic is better than your current choice. Go with your gut and go for it!! You know what's best and right for you!! I hope you are OK on the Lupron this time around! hehehe Good Luck Sarah! I'm rooting for ya!!! :o)

Amy said...

So sorry ((hugs)) believe it or not LV and the NY office are one of my picks only because they have some protocols I've never heard of that I actually think would help me. although my first pick is probably CCRM.

Almamay said...

I get assvice all the time as well, usually from people who don't know anything about their own cycle, let alone the intricacies of IF TX. What makes these people think that they know more than my doctors or me? I honestly don't know what makes people think that IF woman are stupid.

If you figure out how to shut them up let me know. No assvice from me. I'm just here to support you and your decisions.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to comment that your blog is well written and poignant and insightful and sometimes funny. Another new blog that I have discovered that is extremely smart is Babies or Not on blogspot written by Amy. Good luck on this cycle!

sarah said...

My current annoyance is people seem to not be listening when i say we're going through fertility treatments. They still say stupdid things like "Well, the trying is the fun part." I want to say "Not after 15 months of failue--kind of makes trying suck."