Sunday, March 09, 2008

Biss-feeney what?

Does anyone listen to The People's Pharmacy on NPR?  I had to set my alarm this morning to get up for my lupron shot (ugh) and they had a whole program on bisphenol-A so I ended up listening to it.  It scared the crap out of me.  And I thought I was doing great on the bisphenol-A score because I got my Sigg water bottle and wasn't using polycarbonate any more.  And I bought a bunch of pyrex containers for taking lunches to work or storing leftovers.  Except I use a lot of canned foods - beans and tomatoes mainly.  I eat quite a lot of beans and have always been too lazy to cook them from scratch.  AND I decided that in order to lose a bit of weight and save a bit of money I'd try to have soup for lunch a couple of times a week so just yesterday I bought 6 or 8 cans of soup (they were on special offer).  Of course, it turns out all the cans are lined with BPA and canned food is a big contributor to BPA intake.  Jesus effing hell.

I've been poisoning myself with BPA all this time!

Good god, people, no wonder infertility (and other diseases) are rampant.  The world is poisoning us.

So, that's that.  No more buying canned goods.  Except I have a shelf full of them in my kitchen cabinet which have to be used up.  Or I guess donated so some other unfortunate can poison themselves.  Maybe if I limit myself to 2 cans a week or something, and then stop if I ever get pregnant.  And no more heating plastics in the microwave, which I was sporadically being good on but I get lazy sometimes about moving my lunch from a plastic container to a ceramic bowl.  But I promise I will be vigilant from now on!


Update on the 5 things I have to do this week: laundry is done, the blood draw is done, the lupron is started.  The dining table is still a disaster and the taxes are nowhere near done.  So guess what today's tasks are?  

But, actually, this was a pretty good meme because it is making think I have to get the shit actually done, rather than leaving the mail pile to grow until it covers the entire table!


Update on the sudoku-mania: I have managed to solve the "medium" puzzles without guessing, so I've figured that out.  It always makes me feel good to get the hang of something.


MLO said...

The food allergy community has been hollering about this sort of thing for two decades. No one was listening - and now, we fear it is too late because they have destroyed the food chain. Monoculture via ADM and Monsanto has destroyed the food supply and farming.

It is a lot worse than most people think.

Almamay said...

I believe our bodies are much more resilient that we realise. It's great to be aware and cautious but don't hurt yourself over it. You can only do what you can and you are doing FAR more than most. x