Sunday, March 16, 2008

No cysts plskthx

There seems to be reduced lumpage since Friday.  I am injecting super sloooowly in the hopes that the med has a bit more time to dissipate and not form a lump.  It seems to be working.  My skin is still red and irritated for a while after the shot, but whatevs.

Tomorrow morning is the big "no cysts" check.  I am feeling fairly confident because I haven't actually ovulated since the end of November but after the shock of my 5th IVF getting postponed partly because of a big ole cyst, I am not counting my chickens.  My period is supposed to have arrived by then, and uh, well, it hasn't quite yet.  And yes, I did just have one.  Like, two weeks ago.  That's what comes of scheduling everybody together in a batch.  But again, whatevs.  I have had some spotting so hopefully everything will get its act in gear today.

It's so weird to think I haven't ovulated since November, by the way.  Since the last fresh IVF in fact.  There was the 2ww with attendant PIO shots, then straight on the BCP for the FET, and then that interminable period on lupron and estrogen patches, then the PIO shots.  And then straight on BCP for this cycle.  If there's any truth in LV Clinic's theory that suppressing the production of LH and male hormones helps with egg quality in oldies like me, then hopefully the fact that things have been suppressed for the entire 3 months that these have been developing will help things even more.  Maybe.  Hopefully.  We'll find out sometime in May, I guess, when the CGH results come through.

I'm very proud to say that I went out for a bike ride today.  Yay me!  I have been terrible about exercise since the last fresh IVF.  I just couldn't motivate myself to get out of bed in the mornings to go walking on a consistent basis.  But a group of us at work started walking up the stairs in our building, first once a day and lately it's been twice a day.  15 floors!  Twice a day!  Yes, it did take a while to actually be able to get to the top floor, but I can do it now.  And OK, so I'm not exactly sprinting up there nor am I able to hold a conversation for very long on the way up, but I'm proud of myself.  As with anything exercise-related, the more you do, the more you want to do, so it's been motivating me to add more exercise again.  So I am determined to do a bike ride once a week, and will get back to walking/jogging at some point soon(ish).

Oh, and I went to see Spamalot yesterday.  Lots of fun!  I know, I should be planning on going to shows when I'm in Vegas, not before.  But still.

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Alacrity said...

Good luck tomorrow Sarah!

I will be thinking of you.


P.S. Good job on the stairs work and the bike ride. I tried to kick off a new exercise habit about two weeks ago, and it felt absolutely amazing to do cardio! Of course, that was not enough to encourage me to repeat the activity. It makes no sense.