Monday, October 23, 2006

New week, new drugs, new hope?

I'm trying to battle myself into a positive state of mind. K. and I didn't speak to one another today, which wasn't a bad thing in my book. Whatever. I will be civil to her, and that's it until she decides to stop being selfish about this whole work team thing. More people have come out of the woodwork in my support as they are learning about this new team, and are saying that it cannot work with someone like K. in charge because she just doesn't know what needs to be done. Not that any of these people have any input to the decision-making process, but it's nice to know that I'm being logical and right here. Now, if the bosses turn around and tell me that they don't want me in this team, and if the IVF fails, I'll have some serious thinking to do, and may well call an end to both my Florida and TTC adventures at the same time. But I hope that somehow I can muddle through all this without having to go back to England as a failure.

I reviewed the Citizen's insurance letter, and it had a form to write back and tell them that I either am entitled to homestead exemption, have applied for homestead exemption or do not qualify. Then I found out that you can apply for homestead exemption in advance of the regular deadline (normally you are only allowed to apply from Jan. 1st to March 31st). So I duly mailed off an application today for 2007, and will respond to Citizen's truthfully that I have applied. So what if I get rejected for homestead? At least it will drag out Citizen's opportunity to drop my insurance coverage, and I can also appeal the rejection of homestead exemption to drag it out even further.

In better news, my friend A. wants to come back to work at my employer. She left nearly 3 years ago, and it hasn't been the same without her. She met with big boss today, and it looks like she can have the job when she says the word, which she's going to do in about a week or so, in order that she doesn't look desperate for the job. So, it'll be nice to have another friendly face around here.

Also, my health insurance company is paying me back $1200 for the Clear Passage Therapy. Not stellar, seeing as it cost me $5200, but hey, $1200 is a whole lot better than nothing. And it looks like our accounts department is finally processing the check for my Sweden thing. Phew! Cashflow! It has been sorely needed around here.

In ovary news, I start BCP tonight, finally! The drugs arrive tomorrow morning, and Wednesday is my saline sonogram. I can feel myself moving slowly back into full scale ovary obsession. Not that I ever really got out of ovary obsession-land, but I was able to think of other things every now and then.

And finally among this hodge-podge of unconnected ramblings, the eagle-eyed among you will have noticed the demise of the Monday weigh-in. Er, yeah. Well, I blame it on my birthday and the various cakes that were forced into me. It's set off an unhealthy eating pattern, which has kind of spiraled into far to much carb and sugar overindulgences. But never fear, the veggies arrive today! Yes, I am a member of a CSA (community sponsored agriculture) veggie box thing. This is my second season, and while every other sensible farmer grows crops during summer and stops during winter, here in south Florida we like to do things backwards. There's no growing in summer because it is too hot and humid, so they grow in winter only. I will get a big box of assorted nearly-organic vegetables every other week from now until May. It's only nearly-organic and not completely organic because they do do some spraying - after all, this is south Florida which is pretty much bug heaven, but they spray responsibly and try to grow all the crops sustainably. Their reasoning is that they could do things like plow the fields many times to try to prevent weeds and some of the bugs, but they'd end up using more fuel to drive the tractors repeatedly which would do more environmental damage than the little bit of spraying that they do. So, that's good enough for me. Anyway, today's the start of this season, so I'd better go and hop on the bike and toddle off home to see what's for dinner. If last season is anything to go by, I predict that dinner will involve corn in some form or another. Corn on the cob, anyone?

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