Sunday, March 04, 2007

Waitin' for the surge to come..

I'm just waitin'
Waitin' for the surge to come

No LH surge yet. I'm pee sticking away, but nothing. And it's cycle day 15. I've got until Wednesday (possibly Thursday) before we have to cancel the coculture biopsy for the 13th, so a few days yet, but I'd really like to see that positive ovulation test soon. Please, universe?

It's weird, after I got off the pill and started TTC'ing, I was mostly a cycle day 13 ovulator, and worried that it was too early, that my eggs wouldn't be mature, and all that jazz. I stressed out over it, wishing it was a bit later, wondering if this was the start of the slide into perimenopause. I always used to have 29 day cycles before the pill, so figured that my norm must have previously been a cycle day 15 ovulation. So I wanted to go back to that. And even last year, during the IVFs, I'd have a late ovulation the first cycle off drugs, but if I went to a second cycle, it clicked back to normal. Day 13. Except now. Now I've had a day 17 ovulation, a day 19 and a day ??. Hmmmm. Weirdness. I don't like weirdness. I mean, if day 19 was normal for me, it'd all be fine. I just don't like weirdness.

So, come on luteinizing hormone. Do your thang, please.

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