Tuesday, March 06, 2007


My LH surge is now officially a delinquent. A truant. A bad kid, not turning up to school on time.

I got a phone call from the coculture scheduler at Big New Clinic because I was supposed to have surged by now. And I haven't. I have to go and get bloodwork done in the morning and faxed to them STAT so that they can see if my surge has come and gone or if it is on its way. And if it doesn't make it here tomorrow, well I'm not quite sure what will happen. If I'm lucky, I'll get bumped to Thursday for the coculture biopsy. If I'm unlucky, I'll have to wait a whole 'nother freaking month because of their lab closure.

I want to cry.

I mean, as setbacks go, it's not that huge, and I've had worse. Far worse. But, you know, this is Big New Clinic. New place, new hope, and all that. I didn't want things going wrong before I even get there.

Fuck it.

Come on LH surge. Get with the program, already.


Anonymous said...

What a drag! Isn't that just the way of it...adding to the torture. I'm sorry for the additional stress and worry and logistics. Sigh. Deb

anon since blogger not letting me log in.

Calliope said...

what a pain!
I should send my ugly house painter down your way- my O ALWAYS happens when he decides to stop by.

come on surge!!!!!!!

Care said...

Darn hormones, never cooperate when they are supposed to! I hope the surge shows up tomorrow.

Aimee said...

COME ON SURGE!!! I hate it when things don't happen when it counts the most! Keeping my fingers crossed that you get a positive reading soon!