Thursday, March 08, 2007

I'm off to New York!

I'm in! I'm in!

I got the phone call this morning. The blood work was positive for the LH surge (well, duh, I already said the OPK was positive), so I can keep the Tuesday appointment for the biopsy. Phew! Phe-eee-eeew!

So, flight to NY is at 6.45am on Sunday, which will really be 5.45am because of the time change (ugh). Yay me for the $99 cheapy flight, but boo for the cheapy flights being at crazy times. Then I will take the subway into the city as I'll have plenty of time to kill, drop the bags off at the hotel and do some sightseeing. Bloodwork on Monday morning between 7am and 9am, then more sightseeing. Then a facial at Bl!ss spa. Then the biopsy is at 10.45am on Tuesday, with the flight home at 8pm. Busy busy. Oh, and I'm going to check out a hotel that I'm thinking of staying in for the IVF at some point during all that.

I'm totally swinging around on the choice of accommodation. Previously I wanted the cheapest of the cheap so I didn't end up spending $2500 just on hotel fees. But with my now irregular cycle, booking an apartment is looking increasingly iffy, and what if I got cancelled? I'd be stuck with the rent regardless of whether I stayed there or not. Cheap hotels may just create stress in their own way - I want to be able to rest during an IVF cycle, not have to leave the building just because it is nasty and loud. So there's a suite hotel I have my eye on. Which will probably work out at $3500 for the IVF trip, so it ain't cheap. But then again, if this is my last shot, shouldn't I do everything possible to have a stress-free, successful trip?


namaste said...

Hooray for being able to keep your appointment! I can't wait to hear how it all goes. xo

Demeter said...

I hope this one works for you. All the stars should conspire to make it happen!