Thursday, March 22, 2007

Doing the flip flop

So, after all my freaking out, it took just a couple of people saying "hey, me too, I took that much!" both here and on those other sites we love to hang out on, and suddenly I'm all blasé about the meds dosages. So I decided not to bug the RE after all, and just shoot up with what they're telling me to.

Just call me Ms. Flip-Flop.

Hello, Sarah Melodramatic Flip-Flop here, nice to meet you.

My hobbies include knitting, doing 180 degree turns in my thinking, spazzing out for no good reason, and eating bon bons.

My period came early, so I'm now officially on my pre-IVF cycle. The cycle where I get to play with estrogen patches and ganirelix. Whoop! I shall refrain from commenting yet again at just how fucked up my cycle has become. Apart from merely noting that that old rule about how your luteal phase does not vary is just a big bunch of BS. Or at least, my body is not listening to the rule at the moment, as I've had 10 days, 16 days and 13 days, all in a row. Without meds to alter it.

I have also just dropped over $2500 on drugs, which are currently en route thanks to good old Fed Ex. Like a complete dolt, I forgot to tell the pharmacy that I have leftovers from my last cycle, so I have got enough to get me through six days of stims. Which probably means that I'll still have leftovers, damn it, if Big New Clinic steps down the dosage much. Why am I such an idiot? In my defense, I did call them early in the morning and hadn't quite woken up yet, but still.

Must. Not. Buy. More. Follistim.


calliope said...

pre cycles ROCK

glad you are feeling more groovy about the meds, you follistim junky, you.

Care said...

Only one cycle away from the big one - woohoo!

The Town Criers said...

Here's hoping that this cycle is so successful that you get to donate all that leftover follistim.