Monday, March 12, 2007

Post coculture blood draw instructions

Go straight back to your hotel room after your blood draw.

Do not decide on a whim that straight after your blood draw would be a fine time to take that walk to Central Park you've been promising yourself.

When you feel faint on said ill-advised walk to Central Park, don't assume that a small chai latte and a 5 minute sitdown is going to miraculously fix the problem.

Don't meander all over town looking for a suitable coffee shop to use the bathroom in. The extra mileage is likely to cause you to require fried eggs on toast as a restorative, thereby ruining any chance you had of salvaging your diet.

When you get to Central Park still feeling lightheaded, don't park yourself on a bench at the "Pinetum" if you're allergic to pine trees.

When you push on regardless because you're tough and it was only a little blood, damn it, expect to be overtaken in your wanderings by old ladies, Italian tour groups, chic mamas pushing pampered tots in fancy strollers and a weird guy with a stiff leg.

That is all.
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Michelle said...

Sarah - Glad to hear that all is going well in NYC, pigeon droppings and fainting spells aside.

FYI - your work information is popping up in the signature of your BlackBerry posts - is that something that you can disable?

calliope said...

DUDE- your voice mail cracked me up. I can not believe that you took a friggen walk today. You are nuts. You better be resting right now.

Kim said...

You made me snort my tea. I hope tomorrow goes well, and that you're not all swollen from exposure to pine needles! Much love.