Friday, March 30, 2007

I have a headache

So, I told myself that I'd only blog about ovary stuff. But I really want to blog about other stuff sometimes. Not that my life is very interesting, but sometimes you just want to vent about stuff but you're sworn to secrecy so can't share it with anyone. I guess this is where a husband would come in useful as I could make him listen to me ramble on. I've just been in a long meeting with my boss, all about who I can and can't delegate stuff to, and now I have a stinking headache. Urgh. Bosses.

OK, so, back to the ovaries. I am going to start the ovulation tests today. It's a little early I know, but they're cheap in comparison to an out-of-state IVF, so I'd rather waste a few and be certain that I didn't miss my LH surge than start stressing myself over the right day to start.

And I have GOT to get my taxes filed this weekend. I know I said I was going to do them in early February, and I did start them, but I can't find two IVF receipts. I've worked out what one of the fees was from old credit card statements, but you can only view 6 months online and I'm not sure which ones to order. So I've been putting off turning the house upside down looking for that receipt, but I HAVE to do it this weekend. I really need the refund to pay for the meds that I ordered last week.

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