Monday, March 12, 2007

I got shat on by a New York pigeon

Who knew that standing waiting for a traffic signal was dangerous in NY due to guided missiles from above? I always thought it was the traffic I had to look out for. 

Anyway, having a lovely time so far. Apart from pigeon shit in my hair. And on my face. And my coat, gloves, sweater and glasses. Apart from all that. I have met up with my lovely Big New Clinic buddies Alacrity and Luz, both of whom are winding down their cycles and transferring in the next two days. They are both fabulous, gorgeous women, as I knew they would be. Why is it that those of us that are struggling are the most deelightful people?  Myself included, of course. ;) I'm praying for good things for both of you gals. We had yummy food, that I would just kill to have in my own town, mediocrely supplied with good restaurants as it is.

So, I'm sitting in the waiting room and there's probably 100 people here. I kid you not. This place really is the big leagues. It's all very lovely and new - well it should be, it's a brand new building after all. There are lots of nice red chairs for us to sit on. I wonder if they chose the color so that any nasty spots or gushes don't show?

I'm just waiting to have the bloodwork taken for the coculture. I was warned several times to have a good breakfast and lots of liquid, as I'm about to lose a fair amount of blood volume. But of course I have no fear of that. I mean, come on, veterans don't fear the needles any more. Much.
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