Tuesday, March 13, 2007

All done!

Of course, wouldn't you know it, I got gassy. Right before the biopsy appointment. Must be a nerves thing. Or the fact that I have singlehandedly eaten enough over the last two days to feed a small village. Must be a greed thing.

I tried sneaking to the bathroom to do something about it, and wouldn't you know, they called my name as soon as I sat down. So I got into the exam room, which is now about an hour after my appointment time, and I start serreptitiously trying to relieve some of the gas. Most of which belched up nicely, but I'd just let out a big one from the other end and a nurse walked in. Typical. Luckily I'm not too much of a stinker and it turned out she had to move me to a different room.

There I was, sheet clasped around my naked lower half, streaking across the hall, quite grateful to leave the scene of the crime, to be honest

Dr. S. came in and was super nice. Except I didn't have a single question to ask him. He said that after you've done this a few times it must get a bit routine. Yup. That and I learn everything from internet message boards, but I didn't own up to the latter. Then it was time to stirrup up, and of course I needed to fart again. So I probably opened my knees the slowest he has ever seen a 4-cycle veteran ever spread their legs while I was lamely trying to prolong our discussion of the weather and me cycling in April.

But the need passed (or he got a faceful of SBD that I didn't notice escaping and was polite enough not to gag). He did the trial transfer then the biopsy. Which resulted in me exclaiming "Is that it? I expected pain.". He offered to cause pain if I really wanted, which he said he was very good at doing, but I declined. It was very quick, and only mildly uncomfortable.  So that was a nice surprise.

And that's me all done for New York. For this trip, at least.
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calliope said...

and you know I can't help but think your farts were just you knowing I was with you in spirit...bwah ha ha

safe travels home!