Monday, February 05, 2007

Random crap

I don't have a coherent post for the day (so, nothing new, really) but here's a bunch of random crap:

1. I am all of a dither about ordering more donor sperm for this cycle. My donor is at a perilously low stock level, but I want to delay a little more, at least until Big New Clinic has moved into its new location, which should be next week. And I don't want them to think I'm a complete fruitcake by shipping sperm to them more than 2 months in advance. But I do need to order soon as otherwise my donor will be all sold out and then I'll have to go through the agony of choosing another one.

2. I have preliminarily booked a room for my IVF cycle, and for the coculture, at the medical hotel affiliated with the hospital with which Big New Clinic is affiliated. But it's durn expensive. Less than a hotel, but durn expensive. I understand that they are flexible with dates once you are in the system, so I didn't have to specify exactly, but the cheaper rooms are already gone for the end of April which is when I think I'll be doing the IVF. Yowsers, they really do book up fast. I'll be trying to book a short-term apartment nearer the time.

3. My acupuncturist said she was going to confer with the other acu at the practice, and see if we can do anything different before my cycle. Now, I was hoping for different, but I got the distinct impression that she meant me only going every two weeks while I'm on a break, and not an actual change in needling protocol. Sigh.

4. The diet was going fabulously well until Saturday (8lbs in total!), when I was quite sinful. But oh well, I've got the rest of the week to get rid of the extra I've gained. At least I am back in my "super fat" clothes, and was able to do up a couple of pairs of pants in the "fat" size. They were a tad pornographic as they were so tight, but at least I got them done up! Maybe I'll be able to drop another size in a few weeks. Yay!

5. I keep thinking about how I promised a photo-filled blog, and have then posted precisely one picture. Well, there was a snafu with the memory card for the new camera. Or in other words, the staff at the big box electronics retailer know eff all and recommend the wrong things. I promise I'll do my best to fix the situation THIS WEEK. Promise.

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Calliope said...

I don't think it would be weird for you to go ahead & order sperm & send it now.

also- VERY excited about a photo filled blog!!!! yay!
thinking of you.