Sunday, February 18, 2007

Jumping Jacks Don't Work

I had some spotting yesterday afternoon, so dutifully did some jumping jacks AND some abdominal crunches. And nothing. Still only spotting until this morning when the floodgates opened.


This is stressing me out mightily as far as arranging accommodation in NY. I just don't think I can book an apartment if things are going to vary like this. I need to wait at least until next cycle is done, and then the nice cheap apartments may very well all be gone. But I think I may just have to wait and see otherwise I could be two weeks off in my booking! And I'd hate to be paying rent for two weeks in NY when I'm in FL.

Oh well, happy Year of the Pig to all. I am off to a Chinese New Year celebration today at a tea wholesaler. Never quite done that before, but why not, eh? It's the Year of the Golden Pig, I understand, which is supposed to be very lucky. I hope to be lucky enough to have a baby who's a Golden Pig, but we'll see if the universe grants me that wish. Or not.

1 comment:

Calliope said...

what is with periods going all wonky in between important cycles?
so lame.
I hadn't heard that the year of the pig was meant to be lucky. all right!

p.s. have you ever had your palm read? I checked out some books at the library yesterday & I am going to see how that compares to astrology. who's the queen dork?!?! me!