Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Eek, part 2

I have been researching and ordering some new skincare items lately, as I used to alternate between cheap and not so cheap moisturizers and all of a sudden was using a daytime cheapy at the same time as a nighttime cheapy and was getting wrinkles and crepy skin. Ugh. So I decided I need to step it up and stop with the cheap stuff already. And by cheap stuff, I don't mean Olay, I mean the generic copy of Olay. Yes, what can I say? I'm cheap. But no longer on the moisturizers, my friends. No longer.

So it got me thinking about my whole appearance, and on a whim I actually bought some hair dye yesterday. Gasp! So I'm planning on dyeing sometime between now and next weekend. I expect that it'll be a pretty subtle effect, and I'm hoping for just highlights where it dyes the grays but leaves the black ones as they are, but we'll see. I promise that photos will follow.

And, and here's the eek part, I just booked myself a facial. In a fancy spa in NY!! THE fancy spa in NY that sends out the lovely catalogs with expensive skincare products. Oh my God, I think I'm lightheaded.


Calliope said...

wait- are you going to go to Bl!ss??? so funny if you are as I just sat staring at their web site for the last 20 minutes looking at skin care stuff.
Can not WAIT to see photos of the new hair. What is your color's name??

Solitaire said...

Yes!! I've been drooling over their new catalog for days.

The color is Redwood I think. Dark auburn brown.

Anonymous said...

I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the inside scoop about cosmetics.


I also like natural instincts hair dye. It's semi permanent but it lasts quite a long time. It covers the gray without too much else and actually improves the feel of your hair.


Francism3lqss said...

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