Sunday, February 01, 2009

Walking wounded

I managed to injure myself in my sleep on Friday night. Yup. I'm not even safe in my own bed.

See, Friday night it was coooolllld. But I had my window open because I didn't realize how cold it would get. And I was exhausted from all the stressful shit going on with the craziness at work. So my alarm went off on Saturday morning and I was curled up in a fetal position on my left hand side bundled under the covers. And I don't think I had moved at all. All night. Because my left hip was completely numb. I jumped in the shower and gradually got the circulation going again, but as I was puttering around making breakfast, I found that walking was pretty damn excruciatingly painful actually. My ride came to pick me up (yay carpooling) and I hobbled out to the car. Sitting was OK, but as I got out of the car, everything had completely seized up and I could barely put one foot in front of the other. And so the day went on. I'd hobble painfully around, loosen it up a bit, then have to sit at a desk for an hour and a half and it would seize up again. And my hip started getting really cold too. I kept rubbing it, but it wasn't really helping. I started to fear that I'd killed part of my hip because of cutting off circulation all night.

Of course, the yoga teacher/personal trainer classmate guy scoffed at my thought that I'd hurt myself while sleeping, exclaiming that you can't injure yourself while sleeping and that I must have injured it the day before and not noticed. And then kept going on about how I should do some exercise. Oh, and he didn't mean that I should do some stretches to loosen my hip up right now, I'm sure he meant that I should do some exercise not to be such a fat fuck. I almost punched him but pointed out that I walk 6 days a week and do yoga once a week. OK, so it's not running marathons and I probably should do more but it's enough for basic health, I think. Gah. I am going to be polite here and say that I hope his thinking evolves during our course. But that's the second time he's seemed incredulous that anybody who's overweight already does exercise. And, while I'm ranting, I wish he'd stop asking every single one of our teachers if they recommend exercise to their patients. A) it's annoying, and B) he's not going to be very successful if the first thing out of his mouth is "you need to run 3 miles a day to lose weight" when someone comes in to his office with a bit of shoulder pain.

After school finished for the day, I asked if we could stop and get a heat pad before heading back home, so I could start warming my hip up as quickly as possible. And then I called my personal physical therapist (my aunt) for some advice. Lordy, I howled with pain doing the gentle stretching and movement exercises she recommended! I went to bed at a new record low....7.45pm, wrapped up with three heat pads, and with the bed piled high with sofa pillows so I couldn't roll onto my left.

This morning it is a lot better, but still painful and not right. I am still limping. I don't think I can manage yoga even though that might be the best thing for it, but I really don't think I could keep up with the class. I'll try to just keep gently moving it every now and then.

Sigh. And no, I didn't ask one of my teachers to stick a few needles in it as most of my classmates were suggesting. I dunno, that just doesn't seem right to me to expect free healthcare from the teachers and to interrupt their breaks to make them do some work. But I might make a quick acu appointment for Monday if my acu has an opening on his schedule if it doesn't clear up.


MLO said...

Ack! I hate that guys type. Weight is such a subjective thing in reality until you get into the massively overweight - and then there may be underlying medical conditions.

You and I know that you just went through several rounds of fertility treatment. Have you ever noticed how if you gain the weight during treatments, the REs don't say much? They know full well those drugs pack on the pounds on a large number of their patients.

Your metabolism probably hasn't completely healed from all of that yet. If you could, (and cause I'm ornery and would) every time he asks such an inanely ignorant question, you might want to ask your teachers what can be done for those who are on medications or doing treatments that make their metabolisms go out of whack to at least make them feel less out of control - even if weight can't be addressed at that point in time.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

How about a chiropractor or an osteopath?

Elowyn said...

Your classmate is an absolute fuckwit, and I'd like to put a nice fat acu needle in his eye. And I haven't even met him. Kudos for not doing so yourself.

If he ever wanders over this direction, feel free to warn him that I'll kick his tiny ass with my fat, "amazingly strong since I obviously don't exercise" foot. Gah. Dipshit.

bleu said...

memory foam mattress topper....2 inches minimum.
better still memory foam mattress but second to that the topper. Helps immensely I swear.