Friday, February 06, 2009

Health tips from the professors

So, I'm trying to remember some of the health advice that the various professors have told us, in order to pass it on.

1. Put two glasses of water by your bed, and drink them before you get up. I have been trying to do this, but I use one 12 oz glass rather than two 8 oz glasses. Although sometimes I get up and pee (and get on the scale) first. It's supposed to be better for hydration to take the water on an empty stomach before you do anything.

2. Do not eat ice cream. Especially not if you have a tendency to be cold and/or overweight. Sorry, gals. This is a big one in Chinese medicine. The worst things you can eat are: ice cold things, dairy, and sugar. So ice cream is a perfect storm and is therefore verboten. Though I guess maybe if you're skinny and running a fever...?

3. Which brings me on ice cold drinks. If you drink water, it should be room temperature.

4. Don't drink water with meals, or within 1 hour before or 2 hours after meals. I am being very sporadic with this one!

5. Green tea and ginseng don't work well together, as they cancel each other out - says one professor. Another professor drinks green tea with ginseng all day long, and says he doesn't worry about it. So I'm lost on this one.

6. Do Qi Gong. Or Tai Ji. Or anything else that encourages deep belly breathing like yoga, meditation, certain types of prayer.

7. Eat blueberries. OK, this one wasn't from a Chinese professor, but a US professor who is also a naturopathic physician.

Umm, that's all I can think of for now.


Meg said...

Why shouldn't you drink water with your meal? Isn't water better than soda or a sugary drink?

I'm going to pretend that I didn't see the ice cream tip.

Billy said...

Putting two glasses of water by my bed side - I would probably need to pee about 10 times during the night just knowing it was there :-D

About #4 - also heard about the importance of not drinking together with the meal. No can do, I have to have something to drink when I eat.

Regarding Chineese and dairy - learnt about that in anthropology. If I remember correctly, only Europeans (and their descendandts) can tolerate milk, something about fair skin and lack of sun. Other people rejected milk since it brought them no advantage, so they can't tolerate it. For Chineese the thought of drinking cow's milk is really disgusting [so was told..].

Miss X said...

Thanks for the tips!

I still need to find a good accupuncturist here...I'm looking forward to reading about your adventure in acu school. Maybe someday it will be a good path for me?

I'm nearly 100% European ancestry and I definitely do better without dairy. Unfortunately, ice cream is my favorite food. Right now, I'm working on giving up soda completely. It's so difficult!

I've been juicing like crazy (carrots & spinach) and have lost weight and am enjoying increased energy (not sure what the Chinese think of juicing).

Can I ask you questions about acu/Chinese medicine related stuff?

Anniep said...

This is really interesting stuff! Thanks for posting it!