Sunday, February 08, 2009

More tips

It seems that the professors I have on Tuesday and Saturday are the ones that are more apt to give advice. So the entire class is busy pumping them for information at every opportunity! Everyone else says that we'll have a whole semester on food therapy so we will learn everything then.

OK, so on the "no water with meals" thing. It's really ANY cold liquid that is bad. It is heavy and cold and mixes with the food and interferes with digestion. So ice cold sodas are out too. A SMALL amount of room temperature liquid is OK, but he said that you are better off having a cup of hot soup as an appetizer if you need to have liquids. Water should be drunk between meals. At room temperature. Or in tea. And don't drink lots of water right before you go to bed, or you'll have a puffy face.

More on dairy: dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt) should be strictly limited, and if you HAVE to have it, eat it in the morning. Only have organic dairy. The prof said that too much non-organic dairy is what is contributing to the big rise in prostate enlargement. OK, so that's not such a huge concern for most of us but it's an example of the bad things it does. It's OK for children to have more organic dairy but not adults.

Don't have raw/cold food in the evening. He said food in the evening should be cooked. Sorry, I can't remember why. It was something to do with not having too much cold stuff. He said if you really want to eat salads, have them at lunch.


ecb said...

"He" is clearly not living in Australia and dealing with stupid temperatures >115 degrees. There aint no cooking going on in my house at night! :)

Almamay said...

Thank you for the tips, I really appreciate them. x

Pamela Jeanne said...

Fascinating tips. Good to know I inadvertently follow some good advice -- the only dairy in my day is the half and half in my morning coffee!

bleu said...

Interesting but here is my question with the cold water or water interfering with digestion thing. What if you have great digestion, by that I mean 3-4 bowel movements a day and clear to light urine with good output??