Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Doing better

I am now able to walk normally, or, at least, appear to to anyone else. It still twinges when I do that, but at least it doesn't hurt. My hip is doing much better. Sadly, I was limping at work yesterday and had to tell the tale of injuring myself while sleeping to several people. It was a tad embarrassing, especially when my friend P. said "Dude, you have got to get in shape. You gave yourself a bedsore!" Haha, thanks very much. I did not and do not have a bedsore. But, yes, perhaps I need to step it up on the exercise front.

Anyway, I want to announce that I am resurrecting the man-in-a-can plan. Maybe. Probably. Who knows. I've got to get motoring on getting the paperwork done, and then maybe I'll be ready to squirty up the clacker in March/April. Heh. Squirty up the clacker. I think that's an Elowyn original phrase that always stuck in my mind. And for God's sake, please, no comments about how pointless it is. I know, all right? But if I want to waste a few months trying in a stress free way with my last potentially viable eggs, then it's my own damn look out.


-c said...

Whoops. Guess Anon missed the memo on the bottom.

I was thinking of how cool is it that you're totally doing what you want to do. With work and with school and now with the man-in-a-can. Bonus points to you! For not just sitting idle-by and doing the same ol' same ol'. True story.

Solitaire said...

I deleted the first comment from Anon, and have turned on comment moderation.

Sorry that you missed the memo, Anon, and previous posts saying that further comments by you would be deleted. But that's the way it is from now on. It's my blog, and I make the damn rule, so eff off.

Almamay said...

Yippie! Exciting news about man-in-a-can.

Glad your hip is feeling better. I've had the same thing. Really painful. What are the seats like in class? Are they very hard? I found if I sat on very hard flat seats for a long time my hip went haywire. Stretching is the only thing that worked for me.

Meg said...

I'm glad that you're starting to feel better.


Good for you! I think any chance is better than a 0% chance. I hope with all of my heart that you get lucky with man-in-a-can.

Melissa said...

Is it terrible that I am SO FREAKIN' excited that you are again considering the man in a can route? I have been secretly hoping that you would return that to that idea....but totally support/respect the fact that you have to get there in your own time, so I didn't leave any pushy comments urging you do it. But....YEAH!!! I love that you are willing to give it another try, and thankful that you will always, always find something to write that will make me either think, feel, or just plain laugh my ass off....like "squirty up the clacker."

Anonymous said...

Squirty up the clacker! Love it!
If that is pointless, so is having sex with my husband between IVF's, and no one would dare say that. Assholes.

calliope said...

I can not believe I am only just NOW seeing this post (totally need to reverse the order of my feeds on google!) HOLY SHIT!! This is so so exciting. Well not about the ouch in your hip- that sucks! But about the Spring squirty! (& I always thought that phrase came from blogs down under. hee hee. I said "down under". Um. But I mean Oz.)