Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I'm really buckling under the strain at work at the moment. It is awful. I have grumped at a few people today, threatened to quit to my boss, and snapped that a couple of people should just be fired already. Sigh. Not a good day.

I know it's only temporary as we're going through some (major) transitions, but I just am not handling it well right now. Thank god there are no tests at school this week so I can coast and do the minimum amount of studying to keep up.

So much for being super healthy, eh. Having stress levels that are through the roof are surely no good for any body.


calliope said...

so behind in reading. And to make you laugh it seems like EVERY job site that Mother logs into has like 4 bajillion jobs available for your certain specialty. Just now Mother shouted out, "do you think Sarah would like this job in Singapore?" um....

In reading about the food tips- good night am I doing things wrong! I totally should drink water as soon as I get up and I need to quit eating cold food for dinner.

Hope things at the office mellow out soon.

paragon2pieces said...

hey there, hope you're keeping afloat and things are okay!