Thursday, January 22, 2009

The workers and the others

So, the funny (one of the many funny) things about going back to school is getting used to other peoples way of thinking. Case in point: study groups. Now, personally, I can't stand study groups. This is a very selfish thing of mine, but I've never got much out of them, seem to spend more time helping other people and just...bleh. But there are some students in my class who are very VERY keen about setting up a study group. And cool, if people really want to do it, I'll do it. Except they're trying to find a time that works for everyone, and I just don't get why they don't get that we'll never do that. We range from people who completely gave up working to come study to those that are working full time, and everyone in between. We all have different schedules. We all learn in different ways. We all have different study needs. So to my thinking, 3 or 4 different study groups are going to be necessary to fit everyone in, and hey, if you're not working and want to go to them all, have at it. Besides, I am already carpooling on Saturdays for an hour each way, and we have so far used the morning drive to review stuff, so those of us that live a long way north of the school already have a kind of study group going.

But I'm so not wanting to give up more of my free time. I mean, sure, I'm "off" on Thursday mornings. But that's time in which I have to run every possible errand that can't be run on Sunday, like going to the doctor's, getting the car oil changed, going to the pool store for chlorine, going to the dentist, taking the cat to the vet, getting an acupuncture session. You name it, I have to squeeze it in on Thursday morning. Oh, hey, AND study too - and what I need to study may not be what my classmates need to study. And, you know, maybe I need to do some laundry and keep the house from falling into complete squalor at some point. And did I mention the hour-long drive to get to the school?

WHY don't they get that I have an effing JOB, people? That, coincidentally, is going all kinds of bat shit CRAZY right now (a long post for another day when everything has blown over). That I can't just waltz along to the school early so I can sit in the library with them for TWO HOURS that they want to devote to a study group? Oy. And vey.


Almamay said...

They always say that if you want something done, give it to a busy person. You are very busy and finding time for a study group it a nightmare.

When I was at law school it was hit and miss at the begining with study groups. Some students were freaks and either only wanted to copy my notes or just compain about lectures.

Eventually I did find some great fellow students for a study group and I'm still friends with them almost 7 years later! One I met last week and another I'm meeting next week.

You'll find the right people even if it is a bit hit and miss at first.

katedaphne said...

I'm with you, not into the group thing. Even worse than study groups are group projects. I always felt like I was accommodating or carrying people less interested and capable than I was. Can you bow out for now, with a smile and a promise to try to work in a study group when you can?

bleu said...

Why do they care if you can or cannot go to a study group?? I am so confused. Study groups were always thrown out as suggestion and those who wanted to did and those who didn't didn't but we never gave a thought to who chose what.

Cindy said...

When I was in med school I only went to study groups if I really needed help with a hard subject. Most of the time I studied by myself. I did get together with on or two friends to study at a library or something but that was mostly for company not for "group" interaction or help.

I don't see the point of joining a study group unless a) that's your study style (i.e. you just like studying in a group and not alone) and you would really benefit from it; b) you really need the help (i.e. are hopelessly confused all of the time, lol) and a group is the best way you can get it; or c) it fits into your schedule easily. Studying in groups can be a hindrance if you have limited time b/c some people talk way too much socially or about things you don't actually need help with.

You could let them know you might pop in from time to time if your schedule allows.

paragon2pieces said...

I share your opinion of study groups. During the first year of law school, my classmates acted like study groups were the only way to excel. Not true! I refused to join one from the very beginning for the very same reasons you list here. It worked for me. My (totally unsolicited) advice is to study on your own and review with your carpool group while in transit.