Thursday, January 01, 2009


No, I didn't get drunk. I had one glass of sparkling wine at dinner. Then I was in bed at 9.30. You'd think I'd bounce out of bed feeling spry this morning and ready to take on the Universe.

But no. First of all, I started itching. Was it something I ate? Perfume? A different soap? Some vitamin or supplement? I was wracking my brains and still haven't figured it out. And now my armpits are bright red and sore, so it's obviously something I'm sweating out. Not to mention the other bits of me that are also red, itchy and sore. Second, there were the fireworks. I figured like previous years I'd be woken up briefly at midnight, but no such luck. They went on continuously from 7pm to about 12.35am. And at midnight not only did my neighbors across the way have fireworks but the people staying in the house next door were lighting Roman Candles in the street. Right by my effing car! In the street! Have I ever mentioned that home fireworks just make me SO freaking anxious? I am always convinced that someone or something is going to be set on fire. And then when I finally did drop off, I was having school and messy house related anxiety dreams.



bleu said...

UGH I would have been ticked off. I had a backyard fire years back from idiot neighbors a block away setting off bottle rockets. It sucked.

Sorry for the un-restful night.

Rachel said...

Crappy neighbors suck. So glad I live near old people who were in bed way before I was and didn't make any noise!