Sunday, January 25, 2009

Guess what I managed to do?

I managed to stay up later than 8pm yesterday. Awesomeness. I think I am getting in the groove with the new schedule. Actually, when I went to CC last semester it took 3 weeks for me not to be totally exhausted all the time, so it's right on the money again.

So, normally I'd predict that I'll be back to being better about posting and keeping in touch and that I'd start telling you guys some stuff about Chinese medicine that might actually be useful. However, the craziness at work? Mondo crazy. I actually think I'm going to have to do things like start getting up at 5am for a few weeks just so I can get everything done. And part of the reason I was up late? I was on the phone with my boss from 10pm to 11.30pm. Yup, on Saturday night. It's not his fault though, it's all to do with "the craziness." In the long run, I think things at work will be a lot better, but we are going through some big upheavals and it's going to be tough for a while. It doesn't help that I've got some acu school tests coming up - 3 of my intro. classes were only 4 weeks long so I have some "finals" this week and next week that I need to study for somehow. They can't be too hard as they are intro. classes after all, so I'm not stressed about the actual tests, but of course I want to acquit myself well.

Sorry I can't promise any new posting frenzies, or more information, but I'll still be here, posting when I can.

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Pamela Jeanne said...

don't forget to take care of yourself amid the craziness. hang in there...