Friday, January 09, 2009

The scrubs I am a-hating

The school uniform scrubs arrived yesterday. I have been doing really well with the weight loss and so when I tried them on when I got home I was reassured that there will be no risk of seam splittage across my chunky thighs. Although I will say that I am glad that the Tai Ji/Qi Gong class (sorry, can't write Tai Chi any more now I've had my first Chinese language class and know how you pronounce the words - Chi is pronounced chrrr so we have to be correct) doesn't start for 5 weeks and instead we have to sit at desks learning history until then, as it gives me chance to lose a bit more to allow for more leg movement without risk of seam splittage.

However. They are SO freakin' depressing. I do NOT look like Meredith Grey, let's just get that out of the way. They are unisex scrubs, and I'm pear shaped. So to order a set that is big enough to get over my butt and my stomach, it is totally and utterly swamping the top half of my body. I mean, seriously, I could fit two of me in there - well, if they were cut off tops that ended at my ribcage, that is. And the pants are too long, and have this horrible loose bagginess around the crotch. I hope they will look better after washing, but ugh.

I will get some of that iron-on sticky tape so I can hem them easily tonight. I have NO idea what to do about the top though. Maybe I just have to lose tons of weight so I can order (and fit into) some small size ones, and then I won't look so much like a boxy green whale. I think even the mediums would be bad. If only we could order them ourselves, instead of having to stick with the standard school ones, because then I could order the ones that are tailored more for women.

I tell ya, this is all Stacey and Clinton's fault. If I hadn't got myself all into wearing tops that flatter my shape a bit more, I wouldn't have known there was anything other than boxy and huge and unflattering.

ETA: It's not that I should have a smaller sized scrub top, it's that the size that fits my stomach is totally the wrong shape for my chest/shoulders. And there doesn't seem to be a way to order a different style, as everybody has the same. I think perhaps a tailor and some inconspicuous darts might be the way to go. After I've lost a bit more weight, that is. Perhaps that'll be a job for the break after the first semester.


Rachel said...

Do you have to buy the scrubs in sets or buy them from a certain place? I've seen scrubs sold as separates in some discount stores, or even Goodwill. That way you could buy the sizes you need to be comfortable on top and bottom...

bleu said...

Can you go get them tailored for you??

calliope said...

that sucks that you can only use the school issued ones. ugh!! But knowing you I am certain that you will come up with a creative solution.

Interesting that you have to do classroom work for 5 weeks before practicals start- and I expect you to share all the cool stuff you learn!!

Continuing to be so dorkily proud of you!

Elowyn said...

Having to use school-issued scrubs sucks. If/when you're freed from that, try lydia's uniforms. Scrubs in all colors and dimensions and cuts, suitable for virtually any shape. (I'm a fan of the unisex cheap ones with drawstring, but I'm an hourglass leaning toward apple with big tatas so not the same shape as you at all.)

gypsygrrl said...

they are ALL boxy like that... i so hear you on the getting the ones to fit hips/tummy and then shoulders are swimming. welcome to my world... (and darn that stacy & clinton about the flattering stuff)

wish you lived here, i know a FAB seamstress who doesnt charge a whole lot and would totally alter your scrubs and taper the legs and fix the top for you... its so hard to work in clothes like that when you feel like a soup sandwich and want to feel *good* about yourself... i am having issues with what they supposedly *require* us to wear for nursing grad ceremony. i am going to refuse. :P

good luck and enjoy your classes!!!