Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Class +1

We had another person join the acu class yesterday. She seems like a loudmouth, so I'm not sure how good this will be. But, she's another nurse, and it was the VERY basic hygiene and clean needle technique class, which I think *I* could pretty much teach at this point (Wash your hands! Disposable needles only! Put used needles straight in the Sharps container! Don't get Hep B!). So perhaps she couldn't help herself with the making of the comments.

I have decided that one of the guys in the class is quite pleasing on the eye. But have yet to find out if he's married or how old he is or what. So it may not be worth twinkling at him, and besides, I'm still feeling self conscious about the size of my ass, but I'm setting myself a mission of finding more stuff out this week.


calliope said...

oooooooh! a prospect for twinkle! YAY!!!
& seriously- you are a foxy babe- so hush up about ass sizes, etc!

Sara said...

If you've got the precious gift of ass, you should flaunt it!

Make sure he's not gay, too, before you bother to twinkle;-)