Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thank you all

Thanks for all the kind thoughts on my next adventure. Of course, there'll be a lot of "hurry up and wait" about the whole thing, but that's OK. I feel like I can finally look forward to this actually working one day, than always have to couch things in terms of "IF" I ever become a mother.


In the meantime, I am as ever, concerned about the size of my arse, how much of terrible procrastinator I am, providing a nice home for my tenant, and various other things. I feel like I'm entering into the home stretch with college - only 4 more weeks or so of serious classes, another week of exams and then I'm done with that part. Then it's on to the more strenuous college, but this at least feels like it it winding down. 

I've also started yet another new "diet." I'm calling this one the sandwich diet. After having various things stick in my mind over the years about just how little skinny people eat, like: "oh, I just have half a sandwich and a cup of soup for dinner and that fills me up!" I started thinking if *I* could possibly get by on so little. Clearly the answer is "no," but equally clearly, I need to eat less than I do now. So I am aiming to reduce my consumption, and the first step as a temporary measure is to try to make at least one meal a day a sandwich. I'll put anything on it, yes, even real mayonnaise, and I will make it tasty but it has to fit between two regular slices of bread, and I will try not to have sides like chips. Or dessert. And a fried fat-laden 5-cheese blend sandwich doesn't count. Or I will have a bowl of soup. Or a SMALL bowl or plate of something.  Yesterday I had a sandwich, a small salad and a small cup of noodle soup because the sandwich alone left me hungry. I will try to work my way down.  Today for lunch I had a sandwich and am kinda peckish now. OK, I am hungry.  But essentially, I'm trying to go for high quality, lower quantity. 

We'll see how long it lasts...


hedgetoad said...

the trick is to bulk up on the fiber... use whole grain bread instead squishy white and go for a vegi type soup with lots of vegis in it. The more fiber in it, the more you'll feel full.

And, you know, the whole positive poop thing.

S said...

Eat a large salad with lots of cut up tomatoes, cucumbers and such BEFORE every single meal. You'll get super full just from that and you'll eat less of the actual meal. We do that even when we're having pizza. More salad means less chance of eating a whole pizza ;)

Aimee said...

The trick is to stuff your sandwich with lots of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions or whatever other veggie you prefer with a litte bit of lite cream cheese and thin piece of meat. D-lish!

Almamay said...

Hi Sarah. Sorry I'm a little late coming to the decision party but I wanted to send you my love and support. Looking forward to hearing about your adoption plans.