Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Bleary eyed

Oh yes, I stayed up far too late last night. But it was so damn exciting. I started the night at a results watching party. Where I sat next to a cute single guy who seemed interested in me. We twinkled eyes at each other, bumped arms every time one of us excitedly pointed at a TV screen with results coming in, and tried out out-liberal each other with our various political statements. Neither of us succeeded with the out-liberalling, so that was good. And we both got up to leave at exactly the same time, so ended up leaving together. But then got awkward and just said quick goodbyes. But maybe there's potential there - he's a coworker of a friend of my coworker so we can definitely find contact information if interested. I might even not play the usual coy thing and shoot him an email. He's probably ridiculously young, though.

Then I wended my way home during a lull in the results calling, but stayed up late late late watching, and then listening, to the speeches. I fell asleep to NPR burbling commentary into my dreams.

And I'm so proud of my county which came in VERY solidly blue. I'm proud of my state too, which turned from red to blue. While my part of the state is usually solid blue, I'm proud of some of the cities to the north which also made a big impact. 15 counties out of 67 were blue last night, but that was enough to carry the whole state. More to the point, given where I live, I'm proud that we got our electoral act together and didn't make fools of ourselves.

But I'm mostly just happy. This is a historic, giant step forward. I am so proud of us all, America.


Meg said...

Totally email him! Yes you can!

It was so wonderful to wake up this morning with hope. I think we all earned a puppy

nopeainthepod said...

Definitely e-mail him. Suki Suki! Finding love through politics would be nice huh?

Almamay said...

Well done Florida.

OOOooo exciting about cutie. He's a Democrat so that is a good start!

calliope said...

oooooooooh!!! TWINKLING!!!! woo hooo, foxy lady!

& how effing exciting is it that our state is now blue?!?! oh wow. so so thrilled about that.

Now. Have you e-mailed him yet?!?!