Friday, November 21, 2008

Ah, no.

Sorry, not going to be posting preferred names for kids on here. See, while my real name is, in fact, Sarah, and I post it for all to see, I reassure myself a little bit that Sarah is a common name and you can't really find me just by some random googling - you need additional information about me to add to the name. I am sure that if you were really motivated, you can find me without too much trouble (and please, don't do it to prove to me that you can and then post my social security number in the comments, because I'll be a bit miffed at that - I trust that you could if you really wanted to). However, I'm thinking more of the not-terribly-motivated nosy neighbor or frenemy here.

And I figure once I start adding more names, I become much easier to google. If it suddenly becomes Sarah + Ermintrude + Genghis then a family is more easy to track down. And if you were the nosy neighbor across the street, suddenly you're coming up with the entire history. Which I'm not sure I want you to have if you're my kid's 9 year old frenemy.

So I'll probably use pseudonyms.


Sara said...

But Genghis is such a lovely name! And here you are ruling it out of consideration just like that. Silly Sarah!

Sam said...

I remembered you putting down the reason you were searching for girl names, it wasn't hidden. Silly readers! By the way, coming up with a blog name for a child is fun, too. I for one can answer the question: which came first, the chicken or the egg?