Thursday, November 20, 2008

On boys vs. girls

So, a couple of you commented about me putting down girls names. No, I don't think I'll get a girl necessarily. No, girls aren't more common than boys. No, I'm not only fantasizing about girls and playing dress up and all that. I did write the following:

Not boys names at the moment as my preferred boy name already seems fairly multi-purpose.

Which I thought summed it up. But I guess it was kind of hidden! My preferred boy's names are already multi-purpose. I think I could use them for any boy. Well, maybe they're not so typically hispanic, but somehow they wouldn't seem like a bad choice even then. So I'm sticking with the boy's names I already thought of. But my preferred girl's names were/are very girly and anglo, and suddenly neither of them seemed right.

So that's why I was only musing about girls names!


Almamay said...

One of my favorite bands was Girls Against Boys. Ever heard of them? Great band.

Cindy said...

And what might those boy's names be? LOL! You are keeping us in suspence! :)

calliope said...

ditto what Cindy said!

bleu said...

I thought you were totally clear about saying you had boys names already, hmm, strange.

Sara said...

I agree that it's important to respect your child's origins, but I don't think you need to fret about this much (unless it's fun for you, and it sounds like it is, in which case fret away!) You can always couple the anglo name that you like with an ethnically appropriate middle name. After all, you will be raising the child, so they may very well end up with tastes that are similar to yours. Also, it seems to me that they are reasonably likely to come to you with a name already. My husband and I are from different nations and different races, and we gave our daughter one of each type of name. We figured that way the choice is hers.