Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Impulse strikes again

I bought a knife.  So much for careful deliberation and thinking through my purchases so I'll only buy things that I will have a lifetime.

Well, umm, it was shiny?

I went to that fancy kitchen store to play with the fancy kitchen knives. I made the sales associate let me get each brand out of the fancy locked knife cabinets. I hefted them, I felt their weight, I considered how their handles felt in my hands, I made practice chopping actions.  I wasn't intending on buying any.

But oh my lord, I fell in love. And not with the knives that I thought I would fall in love with. One of the ranges was just so dang pretty, and felt so right in my hand. They weren't too heavy or off-balanced. The handle could have been designed just with my particular palm in mind. I knew right then and there that there would be no other knife for me, and that I may as well just cough up. It was a shit load of money. But what can I say? It was like I got this big whoosh of adrenaline when I picked up the right one and knew I had to have it. I can see why shopping can be addictive if people get that whoosh on a regular basis.

I bought one all-purpose knife. Hopefully over time I'll figure out what I really need so I can have one or two or maybe three, and that's it. Maybe like a chef's knife and a bread knife along with the utility knife.

I have immediately set aside 20 kitchen items to take to Goodwill in penance.


calliope said...

oooh! shiny!
What will you break it in with???

sarah said...

Looks lovely!

Tricia said...

Nice - I do like a good knife....the only thing is, it reminds me of the one from "Psycho". You could call it "Norman-the-knife". ;)