Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Lately, I find myself easily moved to tears. I never used to be this way, but infertility has made me more aware of others' suffering, and I guess also brought my own suffering closer to the surface. It can be anything that does it - a movie, TV show, an ad even, something in a book. Often a parent losing a child sets me off the most but it can be anything really. This morning it was the radio news as I was driving to work. Now that definitely has never happened before. Not even on 9/11 as it took me a while to process everything that had happened, and for it to sink in before the tears came.

But today. I am appalled that the Burmese government is attacking the Buddhist monks that are protesting for peace and democracy. Buddhist monks! The very image of peace and loving kindness. I just don't know how the world got into this state. It is bad enough that we are waging an inappropriate war in Iraq, and that thousands of people are dying there. That is a huge rent in the fabric of the world. But I just keep tearing up at the thought of the monks standing up to the government peacefully, praying and sending out loving kindness and then being mown down. It is a terrible, terrible thing.

Please pray for peace in the world.


calliope said...

I just read something about this & it made me feel sick to my stomach. The world is such an awful place sometimes.

orodemniades said...

I know, Buddhist Monks! The mind boggle.

And the crying thing? I totally blame infertility. I was not a crier before diagnosis, now I cry reading the backs of dvds...

RJ said...

What a chilling image that is, Sarah. As far as the crying goes--without supplemental mind-altering hormones--IF has definitely turned me into a super-sensitive person (from an already sensitive person). However, to cry about this atrocity? Not so outlandish. It totally sucks. There are times, I suspect, when you realize that IF has also made you a more callous person. Blame IF for all the exaggerated emotions ;).