Friday, September 21, 2007

Gobble gobble

So, I did end up getting the turkey-containing meal from the diet place. Blech. Luckily I poked around in it and saw the meat before taking a bite so I didn't end up eating any by accident, but still, it's unacceptable. So I did end up cancelling. I have one more week's worth of food that just arrived, and then I am out on my own again. I have managed to lose 6lbs in 4 weeks, so that's not bad for me. I am usually verrrry slooooow at losing weight, and while it would have been nice to lose 10+lbs in 4 weeks, I'll take 6lbs. I'm going to try to keep limiting the portions, but eat more whole foods and fewer processed foods in order to be healthy for the IVF.

Or not.

The "or not" is relating to the IVF, by the way, not the healthy eating part. I'm very ambivalent about the whole IVF thing at the moment. There's a very big part of me that just doesn't want to do another IVF and doesn't want to go through with it. I think, well, OK, I'll be honest, I know, that it's because I keep daydreaming about TTC'ing naturally with the cute acu. Who I was trying not to write about much just in case he ever finds this blog and realizes who I am. But my schoolgirl crush is still going strong! However, I need to find out once and for all if he is single and interested soon, so that I can either stop daydreaming and start concentrating on the IVF again, or I can try to change daydreaming to reality at some point. It's hard though, because I'm so lame at flirting and so shy about just speaking up and saying "hey, do you want to go get a drink together sometime?" It's the sort of thing I need Dutch courage for, and you just can't turn up to an acu appointment sloshed, now, can you?

My aunt is recovering nicely, by the way. I never did thank you for all your kind thoughts, by the way, so thank you. I'm sure all the people that were praying for her and keeping her in their thoughts made a difference, so I'm very grateful for that.


calliope said...

INteresting about the IVF ambivalence being possibly connected to your feelings regarding H.A. (hot acu)That makes total sense. I mean who wouldn't want to try for a kid in a way that would incorporate S E X ??

So guess this means you have a deadline for yourself: Get a date with H.A. before November! You can do it.

June Bug Momma said...

So happy to hear you Aunt is on the road to recovery!! What a sigh of relief..

Good Luck with your H.A.! I think I would probably blow all my money on accupncture for sure!! ;o)