Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It went fine!

Sorry for being tardy with the update, but the procedure went fine!

What I seriously underestimated was how exhausted I would feel after spending 12 or so hours in the hospital hanging around on Monday, talking to doctors, fielding a gazillion phone calls when my cellphone reception was spotty at best (I guess MRI's and other similar machines interfere somewhat!), driving my aunt's elderly husband home late at night (and pushing him in a wheelchair during the day because the hospital was too big for him to be able to walk around) and trying to somehow get a message to my Grandpa in England without actually being able to call him myself. Oh and get messages to my cousin who's in the backwoods of Montana at the moment. Anyway, everything went well, the doctor said he fixed the aneurysm, the coil is in place and hopefully she will be good for many more years. She spent the first night in the ICU being monitored and getting absolutely no sleep due to the alarms going off, and them coming in every hour to shine a flashlight in her eyes to check her pupils. I sat with her most of Tuesday morning waiting for her to be moved to a regular room, but eventually drove home and crashed into bed in the afternoon. I decided not to try to go into work as I wouldn't have been capable of doing anything anyway. And it turns out that she never did get a room because there weren't any available, so she spent both nights in the ICU. But at least last night they let her close her door, and they silenced the alarms on her monitors so she was able to sleep. She should be going home today, so that'll be good.

And me? Well, just to destress last night I decided to have a glass of wine. Just one. Hah. Of course it turned into me having the whole bottle, as it always seems to do when I am stressed. Which then led to a 5 mile walk at 10pm (don't ask what I was thinking - I have no idea - possibly I thought it would be a good sobering up move). Which led to not very much sleep for me and a hangover this morning. Oh well. I am trying to kid myself that the hangover would have been worse if I hadn't gone for the walk, but really, I could easily have been mugged so I'm not very pleased with myself this morning.


Deb said...

Thats great news! Glad things went well and I hope your Aunt is home today as planned.

orodemniades said...

Whew! So glad to hear things went well.

calliope said...

what kind of crazy drunk lady ARE you?!?!

SO SO SO SO effing glad that your Aunt is doing so well. phew times infinity.


June Bug Momma said...

That is WONDERFEUL NEWS!!! Your Aunt sounds like one special lady and I know she means so very mch to you. I do not blame you for consuming a bottle of wine to wind down and relax after all that. CHEERS to a successful surgery/recovery!

Sara said...

I'm so glad to hear that your aunt has come through the surgery safely.

I would have needed the whole bottle too. Don't beat yourself up for it. Just try to remember that the middle-of-the-night walks are not the best idea in the world in the future.

I hope you feel better soon.